Friday, March 20, 2015


Energy is everywhere, all the time, impacting everything that everyone does. The forms it takes may change constantly, but there is just as much or just as little energy in our closed system universe today as there ever was.

Without energy, there is no life or death. Without energy, you are intangible, insubstantial, non-existent, and for a species like ours existence is typically preferable to the alternative, but in a certain sense, our existence is also unavoidable, because of energy.

We tame it and domesticate it, help energy change form, not unlike the first posturally challenged hominid that shambled back to his ancient campsite clutching a flaming branch, probably lit from a pile of sun-fired underbrush, or maybe lava from a volcanic eruption.

The branch has evolved and we've monetized manifest energy, but ultimately we can’t really control it because we depend on it more than it depends on us. So we might as well learn to get along with it.